Tabata Workouts at Home or at the Gym. All Preloaded with Your Own Music on the New FX-Sport VRX Sport Headphones. Hundreds of other Workouts also Preloaded using the Built In Premium Mp3 Player TABATA WORKOUTS? YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE... Short Lived Intense Workouts to Burn Fat and Build/Define Muscle. Use Our Workouts or Customize Your Own! Go Straight To All Tabata Workouts

A Fantastic Selection of Tabata Workouts to be performed at Home or at the Gym, Preloaded on the New FX-Sport VRX Headphones along with Your Own Music. Many Programs and Hundreds of Other Workouts also Preloaded using the Built In Premium Mp3 Player.

The Tabata workouts below have been professionally constructed and are designed to be performed at home or at the gym. The idea with Tabata is that the exercises should be performed at high intensity. If you are new to Tabata, take things a little steadier to start or perhaps use modified versions of each exercise.


One “Tabata” means 20 seconds of effort at high intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest x 8 sets, to total 4 minutes. Intensity of effort is the key to this style of workout and can produce great results.


  • Tabata x 1. Glutes and Abdominals. 4 minutes total.
    A great finisher after a cardio session or a great metabolism kickstarter with BIG benefits from high intensity. A beginner or intermediate version can be alternate leg lunges combined with perhaps knee to elbow sit ups or a more advanced version would be to perform lunge jumps [adopt a deep lunge position then jump up, switch legs and repeat] rather than simple lunges. Or mix in the lunge jumps until fatigue and then use the standard lunges. Only 2 exercises means there is a real focus on the glutes and abs. The quads will also be targetted as well.
  • Tabata x 1. Burpees, press ups, sit ups, star jumps. 4 mins.
    This workout is a little more cardio orientated than the Tabata x 1 above for “Glutes and Abs”. Your heart rate is likely to get a little higher, depending how much you go for each exercise. Try to “attack” each exercise rather than just “survive” it. More of a “full body” workout in that there is an upper body and lower body component. Great fat burning of course! Don’t forget if you are new to press ups, you can always modify by kneeling while performing the press up action. You will still get upper body benefit.
  • Tabata x 3. Cardio Legs – Burpees – Squat Thrusts [Or Mountain Climbers] – Squat jumps – Star Jumps. 1 min rest between Tabatas. 14 mins total.
    This workout also involves the same exercises as Tabata x1 Cardio Legs [above], except it’s for 3 rounds. It may prove difficult to perform 3 rounds at high intensity. However, instead of pacing yourself, it is better to go hard in the first Tabata to effectively “burn out”. Then see what you have left for Tabata 2 – and go as hard as you can there…and then see what’s left for Tabata 3 to finish. At least if you go hard at the start, you will have had a proportion of the workout at the desired high intensity.You then just have to get fitter [which you will do after rest!]. Being fitter though may just result in you being able to go even harder in Tabata 1 but still burning out to an extent. This is still an improvement. It is physiologically impossible to go at maximal effort all the time. You may be pushing maximally, but you will slow down. The goal here is to build powerful muscle and raise your anaerobic threshold, which you will do.
  • Tabata x 1. Press ups and sit ups. 4 mins.
    A nice finisher to a cardio workout or a great morning metabolism booster before hitting the shower! Important to ATTACK each exercise to get the explosive power. More advanced can go for “clap hands” press ups”. Don’t forget if you are new to press ups, you can always modify by performing “incline push ups”. These are demonstrated by Calisthenic Movement, along with some more advanced types of push ups HERE.

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