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A Fantastic Selection of Fartlek and Running Interval Training Sessions Preloaded on the New FX-Sport VRX Headphones along with Your Own Music. Many Multi-Week Running Programs and Hundreds of other Workouts also Preloaded using the Built In Premium Mp3 Player.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fartlek in 2019?

Fartlek is a Swedish word for “Speed play”. It is basically a run where there are faster periods of running mixed with slower periods of running. This is not necessarily sprinting and jogging, but could be walking and jogging. The pace of the faster running may also vary between medium efforts to full sprinting. It is often unstructured and improvised. A runner may sprint between lamp posts for example, or up to landmarks on their run at various distances at various speeds. Fartlek can however also be structured.

Dozens of Fartlek sessions are preloaded on the FX-Sport VRX headphones.

What is Interval Training?

Interval training is a type of training which can apply to all sports. The principle is that there is a period of high intensity followed by a period of recovery with low intensity or rest. This is then repeated several times. A popular term these days is “HIIT” [high intensity interval training]. The time periods for work and recovery can vary according to which energy system you are targeting [see below].

The VRX headphones have hundreds of Interval training style workouts preloaded, including many running sessions and multi-week programs.

What is structured fartlek?

A structured fartlek session will have fixed intervals for the faster and slower periods of your run. These intervals may vary in time, but the session has a pre-set framework rather than being more improvised, as with standard fartlek. It differs from Interval training in that for running, interval training may be done on track, or in a gym with other exercises, whereas a structured fartlek session would be incorporated into a distance run.

The VRX headphones have dozens of structured fartlek workouts preloaded.

Why is fartlek so popular?

If you are training for an event or just training for your own health and fitness, there are always days when it seems like a slog. To be able to vary your running training even on your regular route, is a great way of keeping things fresh. You can have multiple different sessions with a variety of timed efforts, even though you are running down those same roads you know so well. Physiologically, you are however also improving both your aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways.

Before all workouts on the VRX headphones were preloaded, fartlek sessions were the most popular downloads.

What are the benefits of fartlek running training?

A runner has the opportunity to improve both their aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways during a fartlek session. It can improve speed as well as endurance and the variation in speed during your run not only keeps the session interesting, but keeps you responsive if you race.

The preloaded fartlek sessions on the VRX headphones range from efforts of 15 seconds to 5 minutes. This allow a runner to train for bursts of speed or sustained “race pace” efforts.

What is the best Fartlek Running session in 2019?

A great fartlek session is one which varies the time of the work period to really keep things interesting. One such session is a 36 minute session with efforts of 2 x 90 seconds, 4 x 60 seconds, 4 x 30 seconds and 4 x 15 seconds [with warm up and warm down]. This specific workout is preloaded on the VRX headphones.

Which energy systems do we use during a fartlek session?

The three energy systems our bodies use are:

  1. The Alactic System.
  2. The Lactate System.
  3. The Aerobic System.

1. The Alactic system involves the organic chemical Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

During intense exercise, ATP is converted to Adenosine Diphosphate [ADP] + a Phosphate + a release of energy.

ATP is stored in your muscles and those stores last only for approximately 2 seconds during intense exercise. ATP is however quickly resynthesised from Creatine Phosphate (CP) which is stored in the body. If you were sprinting for example, your CP stores in the muscles would be depleted after approximately 4 to 6 seconds. So we get around 5 to 8 seconds of ATP production in total.

The Alactic system is more important to sprinters and power orientated athletes. Training to develop this system is often sets of very high intensity for 4-8 seconds, with up to 3 minutes recovery.

2. The Lactate System kicks in when the CP stores are depleted. The body then resorts to stored glucose to supply ATP. The breakdown of glucose or glycogen in anaerobic [without oxygen] conditions results in the production of Lactic acid.

Interestingly, once thought of as an athlete’s enemy, we now know about 30 percent of all glucose we use during exercise is derived from lactate “recycling” to glucose.

Fartlek training is a fantastic way to improve your Lactate system as it is ideal for Lactate Threshold Training. This is the point at which lactate builds up in the bloodstream faster than the body can remove it. If this is improved through training, an athlete can continue at a higher intensity for longer, without being forced to slow down – or at least further delay that “slow down” point.

3. The Aerobic System [with oxygen] uses fats, carbohydrate in the form of Glucose and sometimes protein, to produce ATP for energy production. Basically, the longer an activity goes on for, the more you are using your aerobic system. Your aerobic system will also help with your recovery during interval work and with lactate removal.

It is of course important to point out the huge health benefits on your heart, blood pressure and respiratory system of having a fully functional aerobic system. Crucially, all areas of recovery, whether it be during training or for your own health, will be better with an efficient aerobic system.

Fartlek Running Training Sessions Preloaded on New FX-Sport VRX Wireless Sport Headphones All of the Fartlek sessions described here will only help to improve your Aerobic system whilst still improving your Lactate system. They also keep sessions interesting and different!


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