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8 Week and 12 Week Couch to 5K Plans and Programs Preloaded on the New FX-Sport VRX Sport Headphones. Hundreds of other Workouts and Programs are also Preloaded from Top Trainers using the Built In Premium Mp3 Player.

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What is Couch to 5k, or C25K ?

Couch to 5k [C25K] is a beginner program, usually 8 or 9 weeks, to enable someone to go from the “couch” to completing a 5 kilometer run.

Is a Couch to 5K program suitable for everyone?

Well, good question! There are beginners and beginners. These programs can often be too hard for someone who is really venturing into new territory! How easy someone may find a program will depend on:

  1. What age you are. 18-40? 40-50? 50-60? Older?
  2. A little overweight or heavily overweight?
  3. Haven’t ran for a few years or never ran?

Many people who wish to lose a lot of weight and get fit, may not be able to run [or jog] for 1-2 minutes. They may need to start a little steadier with more walking and more weeks that plateau for a while rather than constantly increasing the running time or difficulty.

Which Couch to 5K Plan does FX-Sport recommend?

Before undertaking any exercise program, you should always first consult a doctor to make sure you have no underlying health issues that would be problematic. Then, if you get the go ahead…

Couch to 5k Plans and Program Schedules. 8 and 12 week Programs Preloaded on the New VRX Sport Headphones. With you all the way...

FX-Sport provides two Couch to 5K programs:

  1. An 8 week program for those who feel confident they could jog for 1-2 minutes immediately in week one. Perhaps under 40 years old or just a little overweight.
  2. A 12 week program which takes things more steadily and builds more slowly. Perhaps if you are over 40, do not exercise much or may have a little more weight to lose.

Both programs will teach you how to stretch relevant muscles, encourage you to stretch before and after your workouts and provide great tips related to how to prepare for your workouts.

Does my lifestyle have to change to complete the Couch to 5K schedule?

Well, it depends how crazy your lifestyle is!

Important things are:

  1. Make sure you get a regular 7-8 hours [preferably 8 hours] sleep per night.
  2. Perhaps reduce alcohol intake.
  3. Drink regularly.
  4. Eat 3-4 hours before a workout, not 30 minutes before. If you workout in the morning, a banana and energy drink should suffice. Your energy [Glycogen] stores will be already there from your meal the night before.
  5. Allow at least 5 minutes either side of your workout to stretch.

Can I drink Caffeine before I workout?

Sure, if Caffeine does not ordinarily have any adverse affects on you. Caffeine is a stimulant of the Central Nervous System and actually a psychoactive drug.

At least 30 minutes before your workout should be enough time to notice the benefits. However, be sure to eat soon after the workout. Sometimes a significant blood sugar drop can occur after a “Caffeine fuelled” workout resulting in cold sweats or headache. So even before your shower you should definitely eat a little something.

Can I diet as well as workout?

Your body will be undergoing changes, so make sure you eat healthily, but do not starve yourself. You still need to eat, even if you think you have plenty of fat stores. You may actually find yourself eating more but losing weight!

Please note: The sessions for download are the majority of sessions, but not all, from the full programme [mainly the interval sessions]. For the full schedule, see the PDF.

Download the full programme schedule here (PDF)

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8 week training programme:

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