FX-Sport VRX Premium Waterproof Mp3 Player Headphones For Swimming. Customer Reviews.

Click here for full details about the VRX Sport Headphones.

Click here for full details about the VRX Sport Headphones for Swimming.

Premium Waterproof Mp3 Player Headphones For Swimming. FX-Sport VRX Customer Review 2.

This customer’s review of the VRX sport headphones, used as a waterproof mp3 player for swimming, is transcribed below:

“My next favorite sport, which I actually should do more often, is swimming. These VRX waterproof mp3 headphones are absolutely brilliant for swimming. I’ve tried every set of waterproof headphones on my ears, waterproof bluetooth and waterproof mp3 players with in ear headphones for swimming, and what I find is when you’re doing the crawl or breast stroke and moving up and down in the water, the other headphones do slip off. They come off or even worse, you get water in between the ear buds and your actual ear so when you swim there are pockets of water that distort the sound, which is not much good. You’re always having to always move the ear buds away, take your swim hat off and reset them, which when you want to swim up and down and get into a routine, you can’t do. So these [FX-Sport waterproof mp3 player headphones] are fantastic. They’re not fully waterproof themself, but you can purchase the silicone skin waterproof holder from FX-Sport, which is that [shows].”

Silicone Skin Case For Swimming

Using the VRX waterproof mp3 player swimming headphones with the silicone skin case and swim cap.

“Right… So basically you fold your headphones into the silicone skin, which we’ll come on to, and they also provide a swimming hat which you put on and that basically covers your headphones on there. It’s a lovely well fitted swim cap which doesn’t move as it’s elasticated around the sides. That comes all in one package.

Right, I’m going to give you a demonstration and my thoughts on the waterproof use of these VR1/VRX waterproof mp3 player headphones. I’ve put them inside the silicone skin cover as you can see and stretched it out. So what you need to do now is to make it water tight. So that’s done by folding the flap all the way down and you have two bits of Velcro and make them fasten like that.

So you have the headphones in the corners and I can guarantee once you’ve got that on your head like so, that it will not let any water get in. So I put the waterproof mp3 player on my head like that, and I’ve got the swim cap. Put the hat over them and after a little bit of fiddling the headphones fit neatly over your ears. Once they’re in there, because they’re so tight to your ears and you’ve got the padding, there is no water distortion or sound distortion at all. Water cannot get in. You’ve got the controls, which again, even under the hat and the silicone skin, you can still feel. You can turn volume up and down and get on with your swimming. Simple.

The best thing about these is that you can program workouts into the headphones [now all preloaded] just like you could for running, with any workout you want to do. I tend to use them for just going up and down doing lengths and it will give me time notifications. So once it gets to the end of each minute, it will voice the time. I can always tell then if I’m two or three seconds short. It’s a great motivational factor for swimming faster to get back to the other end. All in all these VRX waterproof mp3 player headphones are the best things I’ve ever had. Like I said before, they don’t fall out of your ears, they are fitted tightly with the hat and you can swim to your heart’s content. Do any stroke you want, on your back, butterfly, front crawl, which I use predominantly. They’re held well in place.

The battery life on them is absolutely fantastic. You can easily get a few workouts in and because it’s so easy to charge with a usb cable, you could even charge them in your car on the way to work or after work or just when you get home or even if you’ve got a power bank, use a power bank, but these, again, fantastic swimming mp3 player headphones. The workout itself really does motivate you along and you can sense if you’re not going really as fast as you want and it’s that little bit of a pickup to get you there. You’ve got this little man talking to you and really encouraging you and again, you can set any kind of swimming workout or other workout. So absolutely fantastic.”

Premium Waterproof Mp3 Player Headphones For Swimming. FX-Sport VRX Customer Review 6.

The transcription of this review is below:

“Hi, I’m Alan and I use the VRX waterproof mp3 headphones. I’ve had it now for about five months.

I started with some competitor products that really were supposedly rated for the pool, but water would get in your ear and you really couldn’t hear anything. But the VRX is a fantastic water unit for swimming in the pool. The sound quality is great and it really adds to the workout, so I’m able to bring my favorite songs with me to the pool every single day. It’s a great workout. Really adds to it. Thank you guys. Thank you guys at FX-Sport.”

Premium Waterproof Mp3 Player Headphones For Swimming. FX-Sport VRX Customer Review 15. [More coming soon].

The transcription of this review is below:

“My name is Annette, and I live in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m a paddler on the Charleston Dragon Boat Racing team, and I cross train with swimming, running, and cycling. I am using the VRX headphones for swimming laps and running five to six times per week, so I have been using them a lot since I’ve gotten them.

I really like the headphones. I love the workouts that I’ve downloaded, and I notice that with the workouts, that my time goes so much faster. It’s fun to do the workouts, and I love having a trainer cue me with times and speed. The sound quality of this mp3 player is unlike any other mp3 player that I’ve had in the past.

These headphones are the best that I have found to use for swimming laps. I can do flip turns, I can swim underwater, and it doesn’t affect the sound quality at all. The music that I’m playing is crisp, it’s clear, and it’s really fun to swim with them on.

I don’t worry at all about them slipping off my ear, or that those little earpieces fall out like they do with traditional mp3 players. I found that the silicone cap is very easy to put on, and once you’re wearing it, it stays very secure under the swim cap that’s provided, or even my traditional latex swim cap. I have used both.

The VRX headphone mp3 player is the best training tool that I have purchased.”

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