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Disclaimer. I the user, accept that before attempting any workout on the FX-Sport websites, that I will:

Seek a doctor’s approval to undergo physical activity based on my individual health circumstances.
Seek the approval of a qualified fitness instructor for the suitability of such a workout for myself.

About Joanna Soh...

Joanna is a qualified personal trainer under the American Council of Exercise (ACE). She is certified in Resisted Movement Training and also a certified Nutrition Coach with Venice Nutrition (VN).
Joanna is a very well established Fitness YouTuber ( having more than 130 videos on the topic of fitness, nutrition and exercise. With over 6 years of experience under her belt, she strongly believes leading a happy, healthy and balanced life starts from within. She aspires to empower women from all over the world and give them the confidence they need to feel healthy and beautiful.

“I find joy in being able to connect with all my followers through YouTube and believe these audio workouts will motivate people to keep pushing themselves a little further each time. Only then will they become stronger both mentally and physically.”

Joanna currently has well over 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

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