Cindy Lane Ross

Disclaimer. I the user, accept that before attempting any workout on the FX-Sport websites, that I will:

Seek a doctor’s approval to undergo physical activity based on my individual health circumstances.
Seek the approval of a qualified fitness instructor for the suitability of such a workout for myself.

About Cindy Lane Ross...

Cindy Lane Ross is a remarkable woman.
In middle and high school, Cindy excelled as an outstanding tennis player, turning pro at 17. However, after experiencing severe, undiagnosed pain in her wrist, Cindy underwent several surgeries which did not solve the problem. This effectively ended her playing career. The problem persisted and she was later diagnosed with a severe inflammatory condition. Treatment began for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, a chronic autoimmune disorder that can affect joints, major organs and tissues.

Following personal tragedy in her family, Cindy’s weight then increased to 226 pounds. It was soon after this that Cindy started to turn things around. She returned to school and started to train again.

In 2008, Cindy graduated with a degree in exercise science with concentrations in Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab at the age of 31 and got her weight down to 110 pounds. Now with a wealth of knowledge, Cindy started her own personal training business and with her husband, opened their first training studio in 2010. They now also employ and direct, a dedicated team of personal trainers.
“I love people and I love what I do. I have made fitness and health my lifestyle and gain great benefits from that. My goal is to motivate and help others to do the same”

Amongst Cindy’s many qualifications are:

  • Certified personal trainer – AFAA/FITOUR,
  • Cycle/spinning instructor-RPM/FITOUR,
  • Ramping certified,
  • Kickboxing/boot camp, group fitness instructor,
  • Lower body design specialist, power bands w/ Yoga and Pilates.
  • Aqua aerobics, rehab & conditioning.
  • Sports training- golf, volleyball, tennis, softball, football, baseball, and cheerleading
  • Specialist in fitness for overall health, weight loss, children, teens, gastric bypass patients, rehabilitation, and senior citizens.
  • Member of obesity action coalition.
  • Arthritis foundation board member.

Cindy is a true inspiration and a fantastic trainer to have working with us.

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