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Disclaimer. I the user, accept that before attempting any workout on the FX-Sport websites, that I will:

Seek a doctor’s approval to undergo physical activity based on my individual health circumstances.
Seek the approval of a qualified fitness instructor for the suitability of such a workout for myself.

About Calisthenic Movement...

Alex and Sven are part of Calisthenic Movement based in Germany. Alex is a graduated sports teacher and has trained Calisthenics since mid 2012 with fantastic results. He is founder of a Calisthenics- & Parkour association in Leipzig. Alex [ http://eleggs.dehas a long-standing experience in a variety of sports such as Taekwondo, Parkour and Tricking. Sven is a fully qualified fitness and calisthenics trainer, as well as being a physical therapist.

The Calisthenics movement team helps clients worldwide with online personal training and they hold Calisthenics & Parkour workshops in the whole of the German speaking area. Also fluent in English, Alex and Sven host their Calisthenic Movement YouTube Channel, which with over 100,000 subscribers, is growing fast.

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