Premium music quality. Your own REAL trainer. VRX. THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF HOME WORKOUTS UK/EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS - BUY VRX. WAS £119, NOW £71.40 MORE DETAILS BUY VRX. WAS $159, NOW $95.40 PRELOADED AND WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC! Built in mp3. No wires. No phone. Create your own workouts in your words.

Wireless Sport Headphones With Integrated Premium Mp3 Player And Fully Customizable Trainer. Easily Adaptable For Swimming.

So much more than just sport headphones. One purpose made resilient device, to hold your music and your own personalized, customizable workouts.

Now arrives preloaded with hundreds of fantastically motivating, professionally constructed workouts, with many categories and for all levels of fitness.

Easily adaptable for swimming with a tested methodology. Now with new Tempo Trainer and Lap Pacemaker.

Check out the incredible database of workouts, all free and preloaded, here: Workout Store and here: Trainers.

A LIFETIME'S WORTH OF WORKOUTS Hundreds of fantastic training sessions are now preloaded. Check out the selection in our Workout Store. WORKOUT STORE

A genuine training aid. Beautifully engineered.

Custom speakers and an extra embedded amplifier, deliver powerful sound.

Secure and comfortable. Fully tested with dynamic movements and while sweating, the VRX stays where it should.

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Custom make your own workouts in your words. Even race against a virtual athlete!

FULLY ADAPTABLE FOR SWIMMING A tested methodology for consistent performance. Great sound. Big volume.

VRX Features

  • 8GB Premium Mp3 player built into wire-free sports headphones.
  • Headphones arrive Preloaded with hundreds of professionally constructed workouts in many categories and for all levels of fitness. That’s the entire database! Check out the Workout Store to browse the selection.
  • All messages play at specifically designated times, over the user’s own music.
  • Headphones now also arrive preloaded with a great selection of workouts from each of the “Real Trainers“. See “Trainers” page to take a look.
  • Custom make your own workouts.
  • Scroll through multiple workouts. All held on the headphones.
  • Water Resistant/Sweatproof and Wire-free.
  • Upgradeable to fully waterproof headphones using the FX-Sport Silicone Skin Case for swimming.
  • Individual Track Change and Volume Control.
  • Text to Speech Navigation through Playlists.
  • Fast Forward and Rewind within an Individual Track.
  • Programmable Personal Trainer for Any Activity.
  • “Race a Virtual Athlete” Functionality [Pace and Race Modes].
  • Superior music quality. Bass and Treble Settings.
  • 5hrs battery life using all functionality.
  • Low battery “beep” indicator.
  • 3x faster charge time.
  • Latest firmware.

SYNCS WITH YOUR MUSIC All trainer messages play independently over your own music.

MANY CATEGORIES. FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS. Beginner to advanced. So many great workouts to discover!


  • Perfect as wireless running headphones/headphones for the gym.
  • As a waterproof mp3 player/waterproof headphones for swimming [with silicone skin accessory]. A waterproof mp3 which delivers great audio above and below the water, consistently and over time.
  • Pacemaker/Race competitor for training.
  • Any form of interval training – circuits, fartlek/interval running etc.
  • Structure any custom workout with your own programmable personal trainer.
  • Access to voiced workout instruction from real, world class personal trainers.

Couch  to  5k  and  complete  8  and  12  week running  programmes  are  all  preloaded. Scroll  with  ease  to  that  day's  session. CHECK OUT THE PROGRAMME HERE

VRX model now arrives with ALL of the workouts below preloaded!

In addition, click here to see the “Real Trainer Workouts” – also free and preloaded with the VRX.

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VRX Customer Reviews


Sophie Hitchon – British Record Holder for Hammer Throwing:
“As running headphones or headphones for the gym, these are great for me. I use them in training and they stay stable when doing powerful exercises. I use the personal trainer aspect for my recovery stretching routine. It makes sure I do everything correctly, so I am not just guessing at the timings.”
Lucy Gossage – Winner of the European Duathlon in Horst and 7 Ironman races completed:
“I’ve been enjoying using the FX Sport headphones and have found them particularly useful on the turbo. It’s easy to set yourself a session with the right tracks to accompany the harder and easier intervals and a few motivational comments to keep you going in the harder bits! They’re really comfortable and the sound quality is great!”
David Riley – National 400m runner:
“I think the FX Sport headphones for running especially, are a great idea. Allowing your training sessions to be programmed into your headphones is really useful. For example on some track sessions it gives you instance feedback and therefore the ability to change each individual rep. Whereas with a stopwatch you are only aware of the time after the fact. This means with FX Sport, it’s like having a coach watching your session and supplying you with the information needed to train more effectively and ultimately more efficiently. To be able to do all of this whilst listening to your own specifically chosen music makes it even better.”
Dalton Powell – 200m Gold medalist in the 2013 World Police and Fire Games:
“I have my whole warm up time structured on the headphones. Block work, 60m start sessions and longer training runs. These are the only sports headphones that come up to scratch for me.”
Cain Leathem – Master Personal Trainer. Runs instruction courses in the UK. Studied Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Exercise prescription, Nutrition, Supplementation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Biomechanics, Phlebotomy and many related disciplines. 20 years experience. Athletes include over 80 British Champions, 14 World Champions, 6 Ms Universe Champions and 4 World Record Holders:
“I am very careful and selective which products I use to train and advise my client base and students. The FX Sport headsets are a fantastic tool to confirm the drills and techniques that I set within my clients program. The input of speech allows me to control the tempo and correct execution of the exercises whilst the client can listen to their favourite music to motivate them through the often gruelling workouts. The quality of sound through such a truly portable system is outstanding – I was genuinely blown away by the acoustics.
I am incorporating these units more and more from beginner recreational trainers to elite athletes – a truly dedicated training aid that educates and motivates all at once!”
Alex Thomas – 20 years experience as a personal trainer. Qualifications Include Functional Performance, Functional Therapy, Golf Performance, Suspension Training, Neuromuscular Training, Advanced Facilitated Stretching, Fitness Testing. Sessional lecturer. Assesses NVQ standard YMCA Fitness Instructor courses:
“As a personal trainer it is always a concern to me that my clients are getting the most out of their training sessions that they do without me present. Do they perform all the exercises given to them in the correct order and for the right duration? Using the FX-Sport VR1 headset I can give my clients the exact workout I want them to do knowing that it’s the next best thing to having me there taking them through their workout.”

Race a Virtual Athlete

At the press of a button, you can also choose to race against a virtual athlete, having pre-set the parameters of the race on the PC software. This is possible not only for running, cycling, rowing and cross trainers, but also for swimming when used with the waterproof silicone skin.


The “Race a Virtual Athlete” functionality is great fun, but can also be a serious training aid. The parameters of the race are set using the easy to use PC software [see tab at the top of the page].

Pace Mode: A goal finish time for the virtual athlete is selected and the athlete progresses at a steady speed.

Race Mode: The virtual Athlete`s finish time is selected secretly by the software from between two finish time parameters selected by you. The speed is variable also so watch out, it may have a sprint finish! A name can be designated to the athlete to further personalise the race.

Because the VR1 headphones do not rely on GPS they can be used indoors as well as outdoors, making them perfect for indoor cycling turbo trainers, rowing machines, gym bikes, running machines, cross trainers and track running. The VR1 is especially unique for swimmers.

The VR1 Race is based on the idea that in many situations GPS is not needed to measure distance and speed. Running machines have these parameters displayed, as do gym bikes. Cyclists usually have cycle computers of some sort already to measure distance and speed. The VR1 therefore voices the progress of the virtual athlete and the user simply compares this to their own progress on their own measuring device. For swimming, a swimmer knows themselves how many lengths they have completed and can therefore compare their progress against the virtual athlete`s progress. If you have completed 17 lengths and the virtual athlete has completed 16.5 lengths, you are ahead!

Many of us can squeeze that little extra out of ourselves once the competitive element kicks in. The VR1 creates this in training. Rather than just analyse performance post workout, the VR1 tries to get a better performance out of us during the workout.

Coaches and Personal Trainers

A great advantage of the VRX is that coaches and personal trainers could construct a personalised workout for an individual, save it and simply email it to that individual to download. The experience is then as if the coach is actually still there with you, on the headphones, motivating you through your training. Perfect for those occasions when you have to train on your own.


Your own Personal Trainer for Any Activity

The Programmable Personal Trainer has almost limitless applications and is not only hugely motivating, but acts as a fantastic training aid. Simply attach the headphones to your computer and using the PC software [see the tab at the top of the page], type in up to 64 of your own messages and the exact time from the start of the workout you wish to hear each message. These will be downloaded to the headphones ready until you begin. The workout begins with a single press of the RM button to give the “Ready Go!” notification. Messages can be up to 100 characters each. Your whole gym routine, running, cycling, or any training session can all be structured and voiced to you, in your words [or your coach`s words] in between your favourite music. Also all your training sessions can be named and saved on the PC software for speedy uploading.

Take a look at the “Workout Store” section. You can search for a potentially suitable workout in a variety of sports and activities, download it and then upload it [via the PC software] directly to your headphones! The workout could be tweaked to better suit you if needed and saved to your library of training sessions. If you have a workout you have created yourself, you could share it with us by emailing it to us to post on the site [explanation of how to do this is on the web page]. It will then be available for others in the community to download and try out.

A workout was never so much fun.

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